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Le Puy Camino - France

Le Puy Camino - France

From Le Puy, the trail crosses the highlands of the Massif Central, the green pastures of the south-west and the Pays Basque which has a gentler climate. The terrain is varied and very scenic, at times demanding and rarely flat, with views to the Pyrenees


The most popular of the Camino de Santiago routes in France

Le Chemin du Puy, or Le Puy Route, is the most popular of the Camino de Santiago routes in France.

Starting from the monumental pilgrim town of Le-Puy-en-Velay in Auvergne, southern France, the route runs through the volcanic hills of the Velay region and the foothills of the Pyrenees before joining the Camino Frances in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, on the French side of the Pyrenees.

It takes on average 4 to 5 weeks to walk Le Chemin du Puy. The 736km long route is well-waymarked throughout as the GR65, with the red and white balises of the French Grande Randonée network.

Similarly to the Camino Frances, the Chemin du Puy was the "classic" and most frequented pilgrimage route to Santiago in France. Pilgrims gathered at the Puy Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to be blessed each morning before starting their pilgrimage. The whole route is filled with pilgrim churches, historic monuments, abbeys and cathedrals.

There are many options for your journey. You can tackle the full Puy Route as one complete journey, or break it up into smaller sections to be completed at your leisure, year on year. You should 'Walk the Way, your Way'. Contact us and we will create a personalised itinerary designed specifically around your needs and interests.


From Le-Puy-en-Velay, the route runs through the rural southern France to the Pyrenees

Starting from the monumental pilgrim town of Le-Puy-en-Velay in the Auvergne region, the route runs through the beautiful hills of southern France before joining the Camino Frances in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, on the French side of the Pyrenees.

It takes on average 4 to 5 weeks to walk Le Chemin du Puy. The 736km long route is well-waymarked throughout as the GR65, with the red and white balises of the French Grande Randonée network.

As France's major pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela, the Chemin is filled with a thousand years of pilgrimage culture and architecture. The Puy Route is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with pilgrim churches, historic monuments, abbeys and cathedrals spread all along the way.

There are many options for your journey. You can choose to take 7 days or 7 weeks out of your busy life. We are experts in the Chemin Le Puy and have considerable experience tailoring walking tours of the Puy Route.

Stage 1 - Le Puy en Velay to Conques, 204 km

  • Le Puy En Velay
  • Saint-Privat D'Alliers - 24 km
  • Saugues - 19 km
  • Le Villeret D'Apecher - 11.5 km
  • Saint Alban Sur Limagnole - 21 km
  • Aumont-Aubrac - 14.5 km
  • Nasbinals - 26.5 km
  • Saint-Chely d'Aubrac - 17 km
  • Saint Come D'Olt - 16 km
  • Estaing - 17 km
  • Golinhac - 16 km
  • Conques - 21 km

Stage 2 - Conques to Moissac, 207 km

  • Conques
  • Livinhac le Haut - 19.5 km
  • Figeac - 28.5 km
  • Bedeur - 13.3 km
  • Cajarc - 19 km
  • Limogne en Quercy - 18 km
  • Lalbenque - 22 km
  • Cahors - 19 km
  • Lascabanes - 20.5 km
  • Lauzerte - 23 km
  • Moissac - 24.5 km

Stage 3 - Moissac to St Jean Pied de Port, 334 km

  • Moissac
  • Auvillar - 19 km
  • Miradoux - 17.5 km
  • Lectoure - 15 km
  • Castelnau sur L'Auvignon - 24 km
  • Montreal du Gers - 28 km
  • Eauze - 16 km
  • Nogaro - 23 km
  • Aire-sur-l'adour - 23 km
  • Miramont-Sensacq - 19.5 km
  • Arzacq-Arraziguet - 15.5 km
  • Pomps/Casteide Candau - 19.5 km
  • Maslacq - 18.5 km
  • Naverrenx - 21 km
  • Lichos - 13 km
  • Saint Palais - 22 km
  • Larceveau - 16.5 km
  • Saint Jean Pied de Port - 22.4 km


The Chemin de Saint-Jacques in France is burgeoning with culture, history and many sights to be seen. The most popular highlights amongst our clients walking Le Puy Route are:

Towns, history and landscape of the Chemin in France

As France's major pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela, the Chemin is filled with a thousand years of pilgrimage culture and architecture. Le Puy is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with pilgrim churches, historic monuments, abbeys and cathedrals spread all along the way.


Estaing is a picture-postcard village in a lovely setting on banks of the River Lot. The Chateau of Estaing dates from the 15th century and is open to the public. The village has fine medieval and renaissance period houses and the Church of Saint-Fleuret holds the relics of St Fleuret and has a 15th century stone cross outside the church. The Gothic stone bridge across the river is a listed UNESCO World Heritage site as part of the pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostella.
Make your way to the 'Hospitalité Saint Jacques' where you can get your pilgrim passport stamped. As you leave keep your camera to hand as the views across to the village from the riverside, are beautiful.


Conques sits high above a river gorge, surrounded by mountains and forests. The village retains many original medieval features with narrow cobbled streets, fine medieval houses and great views over the valley. Plan to see the Abbey and its Treasury at least - plus the stone gateways, convent, castle and fortifications.

The Sainte-Foy Abbey is officially designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of the pilgrim path to Santiago de Compostela. Benedictine monks settled here in the 8th-century with the relics of Sainte Foy from Agen - reputed to cure blindness. The Abbey tympanum has a carving of "The Last Judgement" with 124 figures destined for hell. It may be possible to have a night visit to the Abbey, illuminated and with organ music playing. The main treasure in Conques' Treasury is the statue of Sainte Foy, a reliquary containing part of the Saint's skull and encrusted with precious stones.

Food & Drink


Walk through southern France and indulge your culinary senses. With an abundance of small inns along the way, pilgrims walking Le Puy Route can enjoy freshly prepared local dishes and wines.

Every town in the Camino has a variety of inns and small restaurants, so there will be plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy the world-famous French gastronomy and locally-produced wines.


Comfortable, small establishments with high levels of personal service

We usually choose comfortable, small, family-run establishments on the Camino. All rooms have en-suite facilities. Our high level of personal service and customer care strives to offer the best in the local food, culture and history.

In the larger centres, we offer all accommodation on a Bed and Breakfast basis to allow you the chance to try local dishes in the immediate vicinity. This allows you the widest range of French cuisine and the chance to soak up the local atmosphere.

Some of our locations are very rural and the lodgings are Chambres d'Hotes, which are family-owned guest house establishments, offering lodgings and half board. Table d'hote menus are famously delicious and good value - as one would expect of rustic French cuisine.

From Paris or Toulouse airports by train. We can arrange your local transfers.

Customer Reviews

Listed below are some reviews from other customers who have already undertaken this tour with Walk the Camino.

  • Review by Duncan, New Zealand
    I enjoyed the holiday and the organisation of your holiday of the trip was very good. All good and thanks very much.
  • Review by Jim, Australia
    I had an excellent trip. The Chemins de Compostelle in April/May is not very populated and some days not a lot of contact with other walkers. The one constructive comment would be that eating facilities are very scarce and this required walkers to ensure they carried sufficient food to sustain them during the day.

    Excellent accommodation and meals were of a high standard. Additionally the Walk the Camino staff were available to respond to small inconveniences (three instances). This was extremely reassuring.

    Overall I had a range of accommodation. I probably only had one nights accommodation that I would not recommend. The woman was quiet rude and while we were having breakfast I know she raced up and checked the room. I had placed the toilet paper holder in a particular place and when I went to the room after breakfast it had been put back where it was when I first entered the room. Overall I would have to say my accommodation was of a very high standard. Well done Walk the Camino staff.

    Some places the evening meals were average but nothing to complain about. I also had some outstanding evening meals. Overall very good.

    I used both the Michelin Chemins de Compostelle guide book and A Cicerone Guide by Alison Raju. I would suggest to do this walk you should refer to both books they are complementary.

    I was more than happy with all aspects of my walk. Walk the Camino staff were very professional and competent. I already have passed your name onto some walkers.
  • Review by Chris
    Overall it was fantastic. Thank you. 4.99999 stars, rounded up to 5.
    The initial organization and the joining of my wife portion were excellent. There were a few kinks of course, but there were a lot of details involved and the vast majority of things went well. The problems we did have were unforeseeable we believe, and you jumped in and solved everything quite nicely.

    The portion involving my brother and his wife joining us was more problematic. For whatever reason, none of the places we stayed ever got the gluten-free information in advance despite assurances. This made for some less-than-optimal dining experiences.


    The food was very enjoyable - good memories. Overall the accommodation was excellent - we alerted you to the ones that didn’t work out so well. We had a great time and are very happy with the level of service we got from you.
  • Review by Liz, UK
    Really enjoyed the holiday. Excellent organisation. All accommodation was a good standard. Clean, good service, friendly staff and comfortable rooms.
    Breakfasts were fine although some of the toasted bread provided was so hard we thought we might break our teeth on it, might be better to offer fresh rolls. Most hotels provided a good variety of cereal, fruit etc. Where we had evening meals in hotels they were very good. Thought the cost of meals was very reasonable. Baggage transfers great, no problems. Information pack good.
    All was fine
  • Review by Alison
    Did you enjoy your holiday?
    Yes, it was amazing! I loved the whole route and would happily do it all again! The countryside was beautiful, so were the people, the towns and villages, the food and wine and it was wonderful being emerged in the French language - all positive. You took all the hard work of planning our trip off our shoulders, so that we could focus on the experience. Thank you.

    How would you rate your holiday?
    Excellently organised! The schedule was tailor-made to our requests.
    I always felt supported by you (Caroline and Tracy) whenever I had a question during the planning phase. Payment was smooth and trouble free. It was also impressive how quickly you responded when there was a minor problem along the way. You are thorough and very efficient with everything you do.

    How would you rate your accommodation?
    The ones that stood out as the best were, in terms of very good to excellent in service, comfort, cleanliness, friendliness and food. One or two unenjoyable places to stay I would not recommend.

    How would you rate your food?
    Most places accommodated me (as a vegetarian) very well.
    The food is generally excellent. Some with lovely restaurants serving fabulous food and a great breakfast. One owner went out of her way to provide a great breakfast and some stuff for the road.

    How would you rate your baggage transfers?

    How would you rate your information pack?
    Yes, absolutely! Loved the Miam Dodo map book. I call it my essential companion on the Camino.

    Any suggested improvements?
    One of the Auberge is not in accordance with your usual standards.

    Would you book with Walk the Camino again?
    Definitely a yes there! :-)

    Would you recommend Walk the Camino?
    If you want to walk the Camino, you would be well advised to seek the support of a highly reliable and professional company that have a team of people who can tailor-make something wonderful for you and take the hassle out of your planning. Look no further than this company - Walk The Camino!
    I have been so impressed by their friendliness and willingness to accommodate special preferences and wishes and that has enabled me to build up a great rapport with them. They have already organised two trips for me in France and I’m about to start planning a third one.

    Any other comments?
    Thank you for helping to make my experience such a fine and memorable one!


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